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through you

Be a miracle maker….


Choices. Provide the safety net when needed and be there in all aspects. They still need that sense of independence at times. It’s really difficult when you have to respond with a firm “no” to certain things. Search for other things that they can do that shows them they still have some independence and can still be successful at accomplishing tasks in a safe manner. When they feel frustrated or at a loss, acknowledge their efforts to stay safe when they were unsure and try to find a way to accommodate the activity that still leaves them mostly in charge and being successful in the moment.


Don’t let the world define who you are. Be your unique you.

Acknowledge the memories of conversations that seem so vivid that they happened moments ago, yesterday or last week. These are happening more frequently and it’s been interesting to hear about the experience that happened more than 20 years ago that he refers to so often.