New med seems to be helping. No night terrors or hallucinations. He’s slept 2 nights in a row without any disruptions. He’s also liking the fact that he only has to take 4 meds at night instead of 5 now. He’s taking daily walks now that the weather has turned really nice and is enjoying spending a little time outside. He checks the garden area daily for changes and is thrilled to watch the birds empty the feeders daily.


always have hope… it’s closer than you think.  


His dementia is progressing and his frustration with mixing times and places is becoming more frequent. Reframing certain events and bringing him to “today” is becoming more difficult as his mood becomes darker over a couple of specific events that happened in the 70’s and leaving him there is truly not a good option for him or for the rest of the household.

We really hope his love of gardening will help as we are finally at the point where we can get the seeds and starts in this weekend. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and will rain AFTER the planting is complete!


Make every smile you share count!


Friendships — what fun it was to see a friendship renewed after a few years of not seeing each other. We’re hoping the visits will be frequent. What a blessing it was to see both of them laugh and reminisce and just enjoy the company and rekindling of a friendship that has lasted for a good number of years and through the loss of their wives. Despite the sadness of that shared experience the smiles lingered throughout the visit and as they parted company with plans to meet again soon.


Make someone’s day a little better and brighter.


The weather has been so nice lately…. and we’ve been able to spend more time outside. He isn’t ready to commit to any activities other than a short walk around the cul-de-sac, and he’s been cutting that walk a little shorter of late. He’s getting winded a little sooner no matter how slow we go… so I’m not sure if we’ll be walking or he’ll be riding by the end of summer. I’m hoping for the former — and not the latter. Hopefully, the garden plans will spark a little more interest and desire to try to help once the water lines have been marked and we can begin tilling.