Month: December 2022


…But to feel the good feelings, we also have to be open to the hard ones. Let yourself feel; give yourself space to feel it all.  (3-Word Wisdom)


Connection! There was GREAT joy when he realized he’d conversed with four of his five boys all in a single day! He was thrilled and in good spirits for the rest of the day.

see the potential

Be open to All of the possibilities.


Where is the interest heading this week? We’ve been all over the place in just 2 days with conversations about dr. visits, computers, bank accounts, walking, football, news, etc, and it’s only Tuesday! It’s nice to hear where his thoughts have been and what he would like to do and accomplish before the end of the year.


We all have a place – our uniqueness matters 


Waiting hasn’t been one of his strong points — but the last few days have provided a glimmer of hope that his patience is expanding a bit. Reminders that “it’s not time yet” have been taken much better than expected. The next appointment is nearly a month out — but reminders that he is on a waiting list for an earlier appointment is helping negate some of the anxiety of “I want the answers now!”