Month: June 2021

the journey is done

May 22nd – Mom suffered a devastating intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke. She was awake and lucid when the EMTs transported her to the ER. The doctor explained what had happened and that there were two options, transport to another hospital for care in a neuro ICU or hospice. Mom chose hospice and we knew that would be what she would have wanted us to choose if she hadn’t been able to convey that message to the medical staff in charge of her care. She was so happy when the EMTs brought her home again and placed her back in her room and comfy bed.

We celebrated each and every day after that. And on June 3rd at 4:32 am, Mom’s journey was complete. She passed away peacefully. I was grateful to be there when she took that last breath.

We are forever grateful for the Intermountain Homecare & Hospice team that helped us in Mom’s final days. Their support was wonderful and while Mom surprised us all by ‘extending’ her stay nearly a week beyond what anyone thought. We admire what you do and the compassionate care you provided not only Mom but our family and continue to do for other families in similar circumstances.

While this part of our journey with Mom is now complete… we’re looking at how we can help others in similar circumstances navigate their journey with Alzheimer’s – or as caregivers and know that they aren’t alone.

Our hearts and lives have been forever altered through this experience.