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countless blessings

Count the blessings you’ve had the privilege to be a part of from the moment you woke up this morning.

….your breath, your eyes opening, smelling the refreshing rain, the flowers blooming in the yard, family by your side, memories as you look at the pictures on your walls or in an album, a book to read, a place to lay your head, time to relax, friends, hobbies, a quiet moment and oh so much more… What does your list begin with today?


Look for and cherish the moments today.

As we celebrate Mom’s 1st heavenly birthday today, I find that these moments bring a whole range of emotions.

We miss her daily. We still listen to the music she loved so much. Laugh at times when a memory floats to the surface, cry at others and wish we could hold her hand and give her a hug or serve her a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

It’s often the smallest of things that are the moments we treasure the most.