Month: October 2020


We’ve once again entered the cycle of overnight ups and downs… more ups than downs, more awake than sleep.

Last weekend one of her wanderings required a visit to our local Insta-care after a stubbed toe looked like one or more broken toes. Thankfully, the X-rays found nothing broken and everything that had seemed displaced have gone back into place and the pain from earlier had diminished a lot.

Today, as she rests in her chair with her favorite music playing in the background I’m grateful for the snatches of sleep she does get here and there. For her smiles and attempts to sing along to the music she recognizes.

Alzheimers sucks

Alzheimer’s sucks… and that’s a given as your loved one continues to fade into their own world. We see her staring off into space more often now… conversations with unknown “guests” and in a language we don’t understand often fill her room at night. Stealthy moves to bypass the motion detectors — and beat us to the door.

Despite her nocturnal adventures, we’re forever grateful for each and every day. Smiles continue, a few zingers ring out and a genuine thank you fills the air every night when she’s tucked into bed. Smiles light her face when we wake her up for the day — even if she’s not gotten the best of sleep the night before.

There are times when she’s still as sassy as ever…. I love this image of her and it will always be one of my favorites. Alzheimer’s can’t take away her smile, her beauty or the love I have for her.