Alzheimers sucks

Alzheimer’s sucks… and that’s a given as your loved one continues to fade into their own world. We see her staring off into space more often now… conversations with unknown “guests” and in a language we don’t understand often fill her room at night. Stealthy moves to bypass the motion detectors — and beat us to the door.

Despite her nocturnal adventures, we’re forever grateful for each and every day. Smiles continue, a few zingers ring out and a genuine thank you fills the air every night when she’s tucked into bed. Smiles light her face when we wake her up for the day — even if she’s not gotten the best of sleep the night before.

There are times when she’s still as sassy as ever…. I love this image of her and it will always be one of my favorites. Alzheimer’s can’t take away her smile, her beauty or the love I have for her.

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