Month: October 2021


Live with purpose. Live with passion.

This year has been an interesting one. I don’t think I’d want to repeat it, but I have had many experiences that have brought great joy, a few of deep grief and many that required new boundaries and stepping into a new level of new purpose.

Despite the gloomy weather outside the walls of the house, there was light within and the drive to see something you “birthed” come to life is one of the many gifts that have been shared with me this year. More time devoted to creative purpose has kept me going after so many disappointments and changes.

Yesterday, as I cleaned up after working on a project and article that I need to submit for publication, my hands were speckled with paint. I reflected on the joy I’d felt while applying the paint, designing and making the stencil that would ultimately add the final design to the object. There was satisfaction in completing a fair amount of work in a relatively short period of time and being able to move forward to the next stage of creating – and birthing another piece of art from the heart that will be shared next month after publication.

I’m grateful that God has given me this time to live and pursue passions that were for so long kept in the shadows. To be able to create full time has been a life-long dream. I appreciate the talents that Mom had and shared with each of us throughout the years and even as Alzheimer’s robbed her of so much, she still had the “eye” to help us move forward when she couldn’t draw, paint or shape with clay the images she would have loved to create.

Her art had seasons as well. We, her family, are blessed to have some pieces of her artwork in our homes — to keep inspiring us to continue to reach for our dreams and test the waters in mediums we may not have explored previously. Her passion lives on through her posterity.

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