Month: January 2017

Without a doubt…

A recent conversation with a colleague provided some time for deeper reflections.  I’m ever grateful for the space to solidify what I already knew and connect with my heart even more deeply.  Thank you so much for sharing your story with me…we treasure the moments — good or bad.  We feel blessed when the connection resonates at a heart level and tears fill our eyes, just because we both know the feeling is mutual and treasured.

I know even more deeply that the journey we’re currently on is one that allows us to make deeper connection, honoring the relationship as daughter and mother, and the reversed roles we now hold.

There is dignity and love as we continue to explore and live each moment with grace, love and hold space for each other — the lessons you taught me at a younger age, now become a part of each treasured moment we share and I have the opportunity to shower you with love, patience, joy in the little things you try and accomplish on a daily basis.  Even those moments your thoughts turn to days gone by and relish in the memory of something long past that seems so very real in the moment; or re-reading a letter or page in a book over and over as if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it.

2015-08-10-18-40-24Thank you, Mom, for reminding me that without a doubt, we’re here for the right reason and each moment matters.