Month: January 2016

Reflect, Refresh & Renew

Nearly a year has passed since my last post here.  Life certainly presented lots of challenges and change in 2015.  We’re finally settling in our new home in a different state closer to family for a multitude of reasons.

Grateful for nudgings to move forward.
Appreciative of:

  • a husband and daughter willing to pick and up move across the country
  • new beginnings
  • becoming 24/7/365 caregivers of an aging parent.
  • gifts in disguise, both large and small.
  • for humor and laughter that continues to resonate and bring smiles to each and every face!
  • for contents in boxes that still need to find new homes
  • for family near and far who have open hearts
  • compassion, support and services rendered
  • the more that is always available and there if we look for it
  • understanding, flexibility, resilience

Change is difficult — regardless of whether the changes are small or large.  We’ve made so many since August, all of them worth it giving us the opportunity to reflect, refresh and renew in 2016.