Month: October 2022

the eyes of the beholder

What will you choose to see?


The niggle is back. He has a worry and it’s pre-occupying his mind day and night. He still hasn’t been able to come to a resolution that he feels is workable. Adding to his frustration is the new phone he insisted on getting. Too many buttons, apps and such — but it’s what he wanted.

darkness before light

Amazing things are just around the corner.


He picked out 2 new pairs of readers last evening after his visit with the eye specialist. He was pretty disappointed that they couldn’t do anything for his distance vision. He did seem a little more upbeat when we removed the glasses from their packaging and he put a pair on; checking to see if there was any difference while wearing them. He did notice a slight difference, but we’ll check things with his iPad today.

No talk of getting behind the wheel and driving last night. So that was a rabbit hole we didn’t have to avoid last night. Fingers crossed we won’t today or anytime soon.


Enjoy a chuckle or two today.  


Another conversation about cell phones last evening. Not sure if he just wants something in his pocket to carry around and feel connected to the world with or if it’s another passing conversation because there’s money involved and he doesn’t want to have a monthly bill to pay. He has a cell phone, but it’s a really old one and doesn’t have the features he’s been talking about wanting. I’m sure we’ll be revisiting this conversation and the driving conversation again soon.

Lead on….

Light the way!


We’ve discovered that sometimes the bigger is better. Like blankets. Shirts. Soda containers. 🙂 The selection may seem odd, but it does bring comfort to snuggle under a blanket that one can pull up over your head and wrap around you a little more tightly during an afternoon snooze or overnight. Shirts with long sleeves. No T-s, but button down the front types. Soda – 2 liters all the way now. He enjoys being able to pour out the amount he wants and refill as needed. He also enjoys getting his own afternoon snack from the selection available on the kitchen island.

It’s still a lot about independence and the old niggle of not being to drive has reared its head for another round. Hoping the “rabbit hole” doesn’t get any bigger today.

bring it on

Do something that brings you joy today


Check for accessibility — sometimes you just need to scroll down the screen a little further to bring things into a better perspective. Once the adjustments were made, he was in iPad heaven for several hours. He caught up on his news, read a few articles and even played a couple of games. At bedtime he was happy with the promise that his iPad would be fully charged and ready for several hours of enjoyment on what is anticipated to be a very rainy and cold sort of day.