Day: October 24, 2022

Lead on….

Light the way!


We’ve discovered that sometimes the bigger is better. Like blankets. Shirts. Soda containers. 🙂 The selection may seem odd, but it does bring comfort to snuggle under a blanket that one can pull up over your head and wrap around you a little more tightly during an afternoon snooze or overnight. Shirts with long sleeves. No T-s, but button down the front types. Soda – 2 liters all the way now. He enjoys being able to pour out the amount he wants and refill as needed. He also enjoys getting his own afternoon snack from the selection available on the kitchen island.

It’s still a lot about independence and the old niggle of not being to drive has reared its head for another round. Hoping the “rabbit hole” doesn’t get any bigger today.