Month: December 2011

unwrap your greatness…

Your potential?

“Think of what you are and all the fantastic potential.”                                     Leo Beuscaglia

Don’t leave it all boxed up in 2012 – unwrap it and let it go!  See where your greatness will take you!  Make a list of your gifts and talents and then explore one or more of them daily!  USE THEM!  SHARE THEM!

There’s a beautiful connection both personally and with others as you experience this opening of your gifts; exploring, discovering, and sharing.

we could all use a little polishing…

“Each time we are polished, we become a little more beautiful.” Hilary Weeks

There are times when things seem horribly hard or we seem to be knocking into walls every time we turn around — yet, when we stop to really look at it — it’s not really so.  These are merely  “stepping stones” to help us reach our potential.

The stones below in their rough and original form didn’t look this way — they had to be ground, chipped and polished to find their beauty — we too must find our way through everyday trials – some harder than others.

Precious Stones


Greatitudes… a head start on 2012

Haven’t heard the word, Great-itude?  Well, it was coined by a few friends of mine a couple of years ago at a Nurtured Heart Approach training in Tucson and it’s kind of stuck in my head and been rolling around as I’ve been mulling over the workings of a book the past two years with a co-author friend of mine.  As the book is just about finished now and we’re entering the editing stages, it’s hard not to share a tidbit here and there of those things I feel so grateful and have an attitude of greatness about.

Maybe being amidst the holidays has a lot to do with starting a new blog — and with reflections and even starting fresh -HA!  I’d like to think that it also has to do with having an attitude of greatitude as well — and thus I’ll leave you with this thought for today and be back in a day or two with another to reflect upon:

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” J.B. Priestle