Month: December 2017

don’t be too quick

to ring out the old and ring in the new….
There are days, as a caregiver, I fear what the future holds.  So for today, I’ll hold on to what we have and the highlights of this past year — not what has been lost.

Make the most of each moment and treasure the meals, the walks, the laughs, the tears, the naps, the awakenings, the gatherings….. because, tomorrow, next week or in a few months, one or more may have disappeared forever.


There are treasures to be found in the magic of choosing to re-focus.

There are days when it’s difficult to look beyond what is directly in your face and blurring out everything that is going right.  Make today your day to stop, reset the lens to clear out the blur and focus in on the blessings that are there to celebrate!