Month: May 2022

countless blessings

Count the blessings you’ve had the privilege to be a part of from the moment you woke up this morning.

….your breath, your eyes opening, smelling the refreshing rain, the flowers blooming in the yard, family by your side, memories as you look at the pictures on your walls or in an album, a book to read, a place to lay your head, time to relax, friends, hobbies, a quiet moment and oh so much more… What does your list begin with today?


As always, listen and speak from the heart. You’ll never go wrong.

One of the most treasured lessons learned from Mom has been to remember to listen with the heart. I think that was her greatest gift and something she always lived by — despite the devastation of losing some of her most precious memories. She listened with her heart daily… and those moments she was able to voice her thoughts will always remain in my heart.


See the good that is all around you and take a moment to share kindness today.

Today is the anniversary date of Mom’s stroke and her last 10 days of earthly life. Lots of memories are flooding in and thankfully, most of them good ones. (

Alzheimer’s took so much away from her and during those early years, she had the foresight to take some time and write down a few things that we have discovered recently. I’m very grateful we have those letters as they give us a more personal insight into how she felt as things slipped away from her memory.