What good habits will you grow today?


Sleep was much better last night… hoping the lightheadedness he had yesterday will not be present today. We got a short walk in, spent a little more time outside — before returning to the house. No worries yesterday about previous personal historical events. So that was good.

Do it one day at a time.


We found something he enjoys doing…. YIPPEE! Now to find a bunch of different bolts, nuts and washers he can sort again and put into the toolbox. It was interesting to watch him line things up according to size for a project we were building in the garage yesterday. He spent more than an hour sorting and lining things up… moving them around and doing it all over again or handing the bolt and nut to me so I could use it when needed. He tried to read the instructions, but said it was the worst manual he had ever seen — let alone the printing so small it was nearly unreadable.

It was a good and productive afternoon on several levels!