What good habits will you grow today?


Sleep was much better last night… hoping the lightheadedness he had yesterday will not be present today. We got a short walk in, spent a little more time outside — before returning to the house. No worries yesterday about previous personal historical events. So that was good.


Where will your leap of faith lead you today?


all the testing came back clear… so whatever was going on has cleared itself up… A discussion with his dr yesterday created a new plan of action — with a change of meds, so hopefully, we’ll see some good things come from the change as far as his nights go in the next few days. He is resting comfortably now, and we have high hopes for a good day.


Seek the beauty in the world around you today. 

It seems that he’s still hung up on a few events from his past. Another flurry of conversations regarding a document and thoughts that there’s just something that’s not quite right. He did tell another part of the longer story around the main event, and he does have all those details correct. He’s still thinking it happened just a few day ago. He can’t seem to grasp that it happened 50+ years ago and everyone associated with the event is as old or older than he is and wouldn’t have much recollection of that specific moment any longer.

We did make a quick trip to the dr’s office for a possible UTI, but that has been initially ruled out. Still waiting on the culture results. He has an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday to check for a blockage and a referral to a urologist here in the area (this has been a problem previously). We’ve requested copies of his records from the doctor he saw last year so we can get those into his records here. The dr was really sweet with Dad and he appreciated her thoughtfulness and kindness while he was in the office.


always have hope… it’s closer than you think.  


His dementia is progressing and his frustration with mixing times and places is becoming more frequent. Reframing certain events and bringing him to “today” is becoming more difficult as his mood becomes darker over a couple of specific events that happened in the 70’s and leaving him there is truly not a good option for him or for the rest of the household.

We really hope his love of gardening will help as we are finally at the point where we can get the seeds and starts in this weekend. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and will rain AFTER the planting is complete!