fill moments with JOY

What will bring you joy today?


Things are going to take a twist or a turn or a downright nosedive into the abyss some days. More often than not, a distraction will shift the dynamics of the moment, and the mood will likely sort out in a positive fashion.

IDEAS: Switch the TV channel, turn on some music, make a phone call, make or provide a snack or treat — go for a walk or take a drive. Just do something different even if it’s just for 5 minutes and find some joy in what is going right in the moment. This applies to everyone in the house!

Day 29 – find the switch

Share a little “light” with a friend today. 

Once again it was a “Find something good in every day” kind of day. Things can derail quickly at times. What is going well — have them put a name to it if they can. As a caregiver you need to do the same – and vocalize it. Shifting the dynamics in the moment can put a different spin on the entire direction things were headed and where the day goes from that moment. Repeat as needed.