Fuel up with positive self-talk every day.


Frustrations with memory loss add up to lots of despair and frustrations. It’s so important to find the positives throughout the day. What’s going right in this moment. Try not to lose sight of that — for yourself as the caregiver and for the person you’re caring for. We had a short conversation yesterday doing just that and it was wonderful to hear his own realizations of how well he was doing and that he was happy despite the fact that his brain wasn’t cooperating like he wanted it to be when trying to resolve a problem he was experiencing. Grateful for his ability to verbalize and find some positives in the moment. This allowed him to reframe the situation on his own and move on, at least for the rest of the afternoon. I’m sure we’ll revisit things again today.

fill moments with JOY

What will bring you joy today?


Things are going to take a twist or a turn or a downright nosedive into the abyss some days. More often than not, a distraction will shift the dynamics of the moment, and the mood will likely sort out in a positive fashion.

IDEAS: Switch the TV channel, turn on some music, make a phone call, make or provide a snack or treat — go for a walk or take a drive. Just do something different even if it’s just for 5 minutes and find some joy in what is going right in the moment. This applies to everyone in the house!