Month: November 2022

Day 29 – find the switch

Share a little “light” with a friend today.¬†

Once again it was a “Find something good in every day” kind of day. Things can derail quickly at times. What is going well — have them put a name to it if they can. As a caregiver you need to do the same – and vocalize it. Shifting the dynamics in the moment can put a different spin on the entire direction things were headed and where the day goes from that moment. Repeat as needed.

Day 26

…learning to enjoy today has benefits: offering moments of happiness now and good memories for the future.¬†


Unsettled — for a myriad of reasons yesterday. Carried that unsettling through the night. Hoping for a better day today and maybe he’ll find a smile or two when he’s showered, shaved and goes for a haircut later this morning.

Day 21

Find the good in every day.

Preparing for a change in the routine etc. Winter has arrived and while the current arrangement in the living room is ideal for summer and fall, it isn’t the best for the early onset of winter weather. It’s a blast of cold air right on him when we open the door to let the dog out or in. Moving things around a bit will change things and disrupt the traffic flow we’ve had since he’s come to live with us.

We talked about the change last evening and that it would likely take a couple of days to get everything in order once we started the process and asked that he be patient as we worked out the “niggly” things we encountered as we change things around. It won’t be a straight shot any longer we’re adding a turn (and a few more steps – YAY!) that will need to become part of his pattern of movement. He’ll be able to help with a few things and he is looking forward to supporting the effort including running the vacuum over the area as we clear things out and move things around.

We’ll revisit last night’s discussion while he has breakfast this morning and see how things go a little later as we begin the process of moving his chair to it’s new place and hope the rest of the arrangement will work as we hope.