Month: July 2022

be deliberate

Be deliberate in the choices that bring about change.

Much better day and night. Much quieter, and not quite so anxious. Thankfully, there was not a repeat of the night before. No bad dreams overnight. He was pretty reserved and the dreams were enough to scare him and not want to go to bed last night. I let him share his concerns and worries. The suggestion I shared for help moving past the dream, seemed to work last night.

He is enjoying his flower garden and the new blooms he sees along the drive and his chore of watering them is something he looks forward to. Now if the birds would come to his feeder, I think he’ll be even more content until his dog comes home for good in late September.

prickly times?

When things are a bit “prickly,” look for the good stuff going on around you.


He likes his new job. Watering all the plants along the drive. He planted 3 new posts in raised planter box and made sure everything was moist. We have two more pots to get planted – but they need a shadier spot. And we started a hydroponic salad garden last evening. He’s anxious to see how that turns out. Bird feeder is up and he can see it from the window by his chair. Now, to wait for the birds to find it.

every moment…

Make the most of each new beginning. 


Yesterday was certainly one for the books – it was a day filled with laughter and a few tears. Some deep breathing too. We’ve had the same conversation over the last week and a half. He’s thinking that he should be able to drive – however, there are a multitude of reasons why he shouldn’t. Yesterday during one of our more light hearted conversations about the subject, he stated that “90 year olds shouldn’t drive. And I’m 70, so that doesn’t apply to me.” Ummm, not quite, I said. What year were you born? He replied with the correct year. What year is it now? He answered. Yep, I said, if you subtract 1932 from 2022 you’ll get your age. “That can’t be!” was his answer! “How did I get that old? I can’t be 90! It’s impossible.”

We’ll leave this here for now, but the story isn’t done yet.


Choose kindness always. It’s something that can get us through most circumstances.

It’s been another long night. Fixation on a “problem” and there’s no getting around it despite reframing, changing subjects and more. Hoping today will be a better day and we’ll be able to get a different perspective on things.