Month: July 2022

inside / outside

You’ve got this! 


Being stubborn is just part of his nature… I do wish he could come to terms with the fact that he can’t go back to the homestead and he’s here to stay for the long term. I’m really hoping we won’t have another meltdown today – when he can’t have the keys to the truck or no one is available to drive him. Last time was miserable and the house was cleared last weekend in preparation for sale. He’s told the boys to sell it.


It’s not always possible, but always do your best to stay on the positive path.

CAREGIVER NOTE: Major meltdown/crash yesterday afternoon. It could have been uglier, but thankfully, it wasn’t. Most of the agitation was gone after a 5 hour ride. But still wasn’t happy or feeling that the “problem” was resolved. Same issue we’ve been dealing the past couple of weeks. Good spirits later in the evening and even some joking.

change of outlook

Discover the bounty of what’s going right in every day. Jot down 3 things in a journal, planner, calendar for a week. Your outlook will change.

CAREGIVER NOTE: He enjoyed the birthday party last evening and it was still a part of his memory during his early morning wanderings.

The visits and the binder that was found that had all of his AF achievements in it. He thought that was pretty neat. We have it stored near his chair so he can look through it when he wants. More phone calls expected today – not all went through last evening.


Cultivate and nurture the seeds you plant in your “heart’s garden” today.

CAREGIVER NOTES: Still agitated about things at the homestead. He was pretty quiet yesterday evening. His agitation grew as the evening went on. I don’t think it was necessarily “sundowning” just frustration and confusion about things that were currently happening and not within his control. Fingers crossed for a better day.

one day at a time

Begin each day with a smile and a grateful heart.

CAREGIVER NOTE: Confusion and lots of agitation over a situation he has no control over at the moment. There’s a part of him that understands he can’t live alone, and he’s okay with that. But it’s the where and the why he can’t go back to the homestead to live. He seems to be constantly looking for another room. Or wants to check on the dog in the dog run that isn’t here. Taking walks has been a good way for him to burn off some of the agitation, but he can’t understand why he just can’t do it alone, even though he got “lost” at the neighbor’s house.

Celebrating 90 years young and sassy today! He really wants to give the walker the boot — and this was his way of expressing that yesterday!

some days you just have to

Expect good things today.

CAREGIVERS NOTE: Dementia reared its ugly side yesterday. Forgetting the content of a couple of conversations the night before and earlier in the morning led to a huge misunderstanding and discouragement in not getting an update from his “boys” last evening. The agitation was present all day long and the worry over their welfare was pretty much at the top of his mind well into the evening when they didn’t show up for dinner or by bedtime. Hoping for a much better day today. At least one can hope.