Nurtured Heart Approach


Just like a musical instrument needs to be tuned,
we need to “re-tune” ourselves to live in our greatness
and show others the way.


Yesterday was one of those days that needed near constant re-tuning, at least for me.  Outside things kept bombarding us and tried to influence our day in ways that just didn’t quite fit in or were part of the “plan for the day.”   Fortunately, the ability we have to “reset,”  “re-tune,” and move on has become so much easier as the days go on.

For example:  we’ve moved a few pieces of furniture around (including Mom’s chair) to make it easier for her to get around with the walker and to provide a few extra steps  for movement and exercise and most importantly to be away from the blast of cold air when the front door is opened — but in my efforts to make things “better” I forgot how bright the sun shines through one window with the winter sun and it’s causing some issues with it being too bright for Mom’s eyes even with the blinds being closed.  She was terribly uncomfortable yesterday.

She enjoys the warmth her new corner of the room offers, but the light  streaming in is just too bright and was causing her some discomfort.  Even after moving the chair a little bit to get it out of the streaming light, there were still some problems.  Breathing, resetting, re-tuning and letting her choose how to resolve the problem was so effective.  I’m sure she won’t remember her part in the process today, but I will and I will remember her expressions as her ideas were considered and found to be the best resolution for the problem.  I relish those lucid moments!

Seek the best

Seek, the good, the better, the best. Don’t settle for anything less.
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One of the things I love the most about living in a Nurtured Heart® way is that we find we are kinder, gentler, more forgiving and yet the boundaries are very clear.  Mom really doesn’t like to move any more frequently than she has to.  Getting up and down is difficult for her and her knees just don’t like to oblige at times.  Yesterday was definitely one of them.  However, we have promised her primary physician that she will “move” every couple of hours throughout her awake times.  So up it is.

Re-framing our statements to I need you to… or let’s do this together makes it so much easier and we often find a smile on her face as we acknowledge her strength and will power to make what may have seemed impossible seconds before HAPPEN in a very positive way.
As she struggles to rise from the chair, we acknowledge the strength and power in her arms and upper body… she works hard every week in PT to keep that upper strength even though she dislikes the exercises, they are helping her.  Every step forward, even the pauses as she contemplates how to move the foot, leg and even toes is met with “You’re cruising!  Look at how deliberately you’re placing your left foot in front of and to the left of your right foot.  Thanks for bringing your foot around the wheel of the walker so carefully.  You didn’t bang a single toe! ”  Acknowledgement and accomplishments rolled into one bring a smile to her face and I’ve not doubt are logged in as “I DID it.”

Even when her legs aren’t cooperating as well as we all would like and the walker becomes a wheelchair for the move, she does shuffle her feet along the way or lifts them which in turn does require more strength and concentration that we are excited to acknowledge and give lots of credit for despite her desire to just stay put in her chair for the day.

It’s not hard to see what’s going well — or to push a little more for her best, because we know it’s there.

We know that as she continues to go along her path, she will never be alone.  That’s the best we can provide for her and we are so happy to have the privilege to walk alongside.

*To learn more about the Nurtured Heart Approach®, click here.


Reflect, renew…. LIVE your purpose
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We’re often asked if we’re still okay with our decision to move cross country to take care of Mom… we’ve never regretted a single day.  Some days are harder than others… but we are very happy with our decision to come home and become full-time caregivers.  It’s a joy!

It’s important to remember that this is part of a long stretch in our journey and it requires us to RENEW daily.  To reflect on our purpose and LIVE with joy in the now.  We know our choices have made a significant difference for Mom.  She is thriving.  The decline that was anticipated at this point in her life isn’t happening as rapidly as once predicted —

Here’s to a fabulous day!  We are ready and encouraged by our own renewals for the great things that are along today’s path.  Hope your day brings joy your way.



embrace the good

Embrace the good that is in every heart.
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #Greatitudes


Embrace the moment — That’s been our mantra the last couple of days. We’re both a bit under the weather and definitely not feeling our best.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for Mom when she can’t find the words to pinpoint the problem so we can provide the correct support.  Her frustration is visible as she shrugs her shoulders as we try to pinpoint the current feeling of unwellness…

Deep breaths for both of us and  patience blooms again as we take one more long, deep breath… exhaling and start new.

Together, we’re resetting back to greatness and not getting stuck in the muck when it would really be so much easier to let the funk continue to take us for a longer ride.  Embracing our greatness together brings a release and the ability to begin again.

Here’s to a fresh start — right now.  Not in 5 or 10, but in this moment and most importantly, with LOVE.


Make it a smiley kind of day!!
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #bestday


We have found lots of ways to turn things into smiles as we traverse this journey.  It’s not always easy, but the results are definitely worth while.  Last night, a case in point after a pretty rough start earlier in the day…

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to care for our youngest grandchild last night for a few hours.  His face lights up when he sees us and especially when he connects with Grandma Great!  Those brief moments of touch and more.

He’s too big and squirmy for her to hold for long now, but he reached out and held on to a finger for a few seconds and the joy in her face and voice were well worth it.  She avidly watched as he rolled on the floor chasing his toys from one side of the room to the other.  She was delighted even more when he rolled to her feet and tickled her toes through her slippers.

I’ve no doubt that memories from long ago as we were all growing up were brought back to mind.  Her smiles lasted the rest of the night and even as she laid her head on her pillow for one last hug for the day and a kiss….

Be True to you…

Let your true you be bright and shine for the world
to see you for who you are.
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #BestDay


This image was inspired by a posting made by @Soulseeds a few years back.  I hope you’ll find something that you’re searching for today in yourself and let it be colorful and bright. Share it with those around you.  That’s our plan for the day!  Have a #bestday!

Listen in the stillness

Listen in the quiet moments of the day..
there’s much to hear, see and celebrate!
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness


I sometimes get caught up in the messiness that is part of my “every” day — and when that happens and the anxiety or overwhelm builds in what isn’t going well –  I need to remember I have the capability to filter that out and can choose to find ALL that is going well.  It’s really my choice as to what I see, hear and feel.

Today, I have the intention of listening in those quiet moments and let the goodness I see and feel be my guides and cherish the joy that fills my heart and hope that as my momentum grows in seeing the good, others will join me and we will all enjoy another #bestday.

from small things

From small and tender acts
come mighty testaments
of your strengths and character.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring the greatest rewards.  Heart to heart.  Acknowledging the frustrations; declaring the characteristics that demonstrate strength, persistence, willingness to keep trying, determination to complete the task at hand and so much more.  The smile at the end makes it all so very worthwhile.

big feelings…


It’s okay to have big feelings… we deal with them
makes a big difference in the outcome.

It’s been a while since we’ve experienced a major anxiety attack.  I’m very grateful.  For in those moments, it’s very apparent that the “trigger” brings some strong feelings/emotions to the surface that aren’t usually seen during our “regular” days.

Yesterday, we saw Mom struggle with some pretty strong emotions for a brief spell.  When this happens, she experiences tremors and these were strong.

We’ve been working on how to handle those moments of  overwhelm.  Before I had time to react, I saw her stop in her footsteps; she took a deep breath, slowly exhaled and repeated the process two more times.  The Parkinson-like tremors she had been experiencing were gone.  I observed the smile that spread across her face as she recognized she had made it through with amazing success!

For many, this would be an easy process.  This is a relatively new practice for her — but she’s learning it and it’s taken hold.  I’m in awe!  She’s pretty dang AWESOME!  Major anxiety attack averted.

it is…

See with your heart and….

It’s not always the easiest of things to do, but it can be done with a bit of continued work, determination and effort.  Yesterday, was a particularly difficult day.  I had a very hard time finding something good in the moment. The negative self-talk was prominent and permeating.  I’m very grateful for good friends and colleagues who were able to provide the needed support and modeled the good stuff they were seeing and genuinely felt.  Today, I will hold the magnifier — and build on the little moments and magnify the “good, great and happy” I observe in myself and in others.  #nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness