Month: November 2017


Just like a musical instrument needs to be tuned,
we need to “re-tune” ourselves to live in our greatness
and show others the way.


Yesterday was one of those days that needed near constant re-tuning, at least for me.  Outside things kept bombarding us and tried to influence our day in ways that just didn’t quite fit in or were part of the “plan for the day.”   Fortunately, the ability we have to “reset,”  “re-tune,” and move on has become so much easier as the days go on.

For example:  we’ve moved a few pieces of furniture around (including Mom’s chair) to make it easier for her to get around with the walker and to provide a few extra steps  for movement and exercise and most importantly to be away from the blast of cold air when the front door is opened — but in my efforts to make things “better” I forgot how bright the sun shines through one window with the winter sun and it’s causing some issues with it being too bright for Mom’s eyes even with the blinds being closed.  She was terribly uncomfortable yesterday.

She enjoys the warmth her new corner of the room offers, but the light  streaming in is just too bright and was causing her some discomfort.  Even after moving the chair a little bit to get it out of the streaming light, there were still some problems.  Breathing, resetting, re-tuning and letting her choose how to resolve the problem was so effective.  I’m sure she won’t remember her part in the process today, but I will and I will remember her expressions as her ideas were considered and found to be the best resolution for the problem.  I relish those lucid moments!

seek the beauty

There’s beauty everywhere —


The evening skies the last few days have been filled with amazing colors!  There are nights I wish I had a clear view of the full sunset, and last night was one of them.  However, we live in an area that makes it nearly impossible to see unless we take the time to walk or get in the car and ride for a little bit to get a clearer view.

I have discovered that sharing these brief glimpses of the color-filled skies with Mom brings her joy and delight, even if we only get a partial glimpse at the beauty each evening holds for us.

We’re making it a daily habit to share a few images of the skies with her, knowing that she sees the amazing colors and possibilities each day holds.  Every sunrise is a miracle as our eyes open and behold just as each sunset holds promise that that tomorrow will bring more beauty our way.

push through

Push through… the end results will definitely be worth it.


Pushing through doesn’t always mean you’ll break through…however, if you choose to look at each “push through” as an accomplishment for the better, you’ll see more and more along your path.

Looking for the good isn’t Pollyanna-ish.  It does open our eyes, minds and most importantly our hearts.  Our journey may continue to have those rocky moments, however, with continued practice, we can certainly glean some knowledge that we can share with others come after us — or more importantly, share the highlights with those we are caring for in the moment.

Reflecting back what is going well and possibly lighten the heavy weights they are feeling with their confusion and frustration at not being able to accomplish, speak or share the depth of what they are experiencing.
“I see you are….”
“Thank you for being a part of our family, it’s so wonderful to spend a little one on one time with you.”
“I’m so happy to see that smile light up your being today.”
“I love having you help me fold the towels, or rinse the dishes.”

Even when the hour is late or the hour is early, look for that glimmer and push through until you meet it.  The journey is worth it.


Cultivate the habit of finding the good… Lloyd K Newell
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #bestday


How often do we get stuck in the muck and forget to see all that is going right and be grateful for the moment, the nano-second, the hour, the day?

My challenge for today — find the good, see each as the miracles they are, explore more deeply and give thanks for the moments that inspire you to move forward, to keep plugging along with more opportunities to see and appreciate what is going right in your day.

What’s yours?

you are seen…

You are being seen by many you are not aware of….
continue to shine in your greatness!


I know.  There are days when we feel so alone…. but please, know that you are not.  You are seen.  You are appreciated.  You are loved.  Our extended families and friends may not be able to voice that in this very moment.  Sometimes, being recognized is enough to fill our cups….

Yet, as caregivers we sometimes may find ourselves in a situation of feeling that we are depleted.  We give our heart and soul for those we are caring for, but who cares for us if we don’t care for ourselves?

Be sure to build in some self-care time daily, weekly, monthly.  As a caregiver, you deserve it.  It’s difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible.  Create a space where you can find refuge from the worries and cares of the day.  Build time into the routine of the day and take a few minutes to pause, reflect and renew.  If you don’t have a hobby, maybe now is the time to find one.  OR…. Pick up a magazine, read a book, pack a bag for an overnight trip and go…  enjoy a night out, take in a dinner or a movie.  Take a walk, swing in a swing, pack a picnic lunch or just go sit on the porch and breathe in some fresh air.

We’re very grateful for those sometimes all too brief moments, but relish the opportunities that do present themselves even if for what seems like a mere nano-second of time.  And when those moments come to an end, we are more prepared for those next hours or days of caring and giving our all for the benefit of someone else who needs us more and knows unequivocally that she brings joy to our hearts every day.


with an open heart

As we express and share our gratitude with ourselves or others,
we become more aware of it…
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #Greatitudes


As we gathered around last evening at our monthly family dinner and shared some thoughts with each other, it was a wonderful moment to relish in the joy we all felt surrounded by our love for each other.  Those “moments” created what will always be a cherished memory for this year.  Hearts a little more tender since our last meeting, knowing time with family is so precious and should be cherished.  We are grateful that they give up their time — and join us for this monthly dinner.  Our hearts are filled when we see them and can spend time with them.

Mom didn’t join us… it was another day of  “I’m too tired” and she couldn’t get herself out of bed, let alone eat a delicious meal catered by the kids.

I’m sad she didn’t have the opportunity to share a meal or cuddle with the baby — I am grateful, however, she was with us in spirit and each of our children were grateful to know she was just in the other room and each bid her a beautiful farewell as they left for their homes across the valley at the end of the evening.

As I look at the monitor, she is awake, her light is on and I’m sure she’ll be making her way out here in a little bit wearing her beautiful smile, have a twinkle in her eye  — anxious to get a start on a day —

Enjoy your day — and week.  Surround yourself with those you care most deeply about and cherish the moment.

with heartfelt

It changes lives…


We can let the little annoyances become big ones or choose to be grateful we have the opportunity to live through them and find some micro package of joy in those moments.  And there are some days when it’s more difficult than others to unwrap the gifts that are before us.

Take a few minutes to breathe in and out and look with fresh eyes at the gifts and blessings that are ours to treasure right now and be grateful.  As tomorrow, they may be gone.    Make today another #bestday


There will be days when you need to Bring Your Own Sunshine.. have it at the ready! #nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #Greatitudes (image credit: unknown)


Some days are certainly easier than others, but most always have streams and beams of brilliant light to bring out the best and most precious moments of the day.  We’ve come to cherish them.

We got a VERY early start on the day since Mom wasn’t able to sleep overnight.  So she’s spent most of the last six hours sitting in her chair, lost in thought.  Not wanting to converse, nor expecting conversation.  Not wanting any other distractions (i.e. TV, music, radio or audio book).  Just quiet — and as I look over at her now, she’s got an amazing smile on her face as I’m sure there’s a fleeting memory being recalled.

Grateful for these moments.  The quiet, the smiles, the sunshine she brings into our home each and every day.

This is the perfect way to start the day.  Hoping you’ll find a few rays of sunshine today.