Day: November 21, 2017

you are seen…

You are being seen by many you are not aware of….
continue to shine in your greatness!


I know.  There are days when we feel so alone…. but please, know that you are not.  You are seen.  You are appreciated.  You are loved.  Our extended families and friends may not be able to voice that in this very moment.  Sometimes, being recognized is enough to fill our cups….

Yet, as caregivers we sometimes may find ourselves in a situation of feeling that we are depleted.  We give our heart and soul for those we are caring for, but who cares for us if we don’t care for ourselves?

Be sure to build in some self-care time daily, weekly, monthly.  As a caregiver, you deserve it.  It’s difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible.  Create a space where you can find refuge from the worries and cares of the day.  Build time into the routine of the day and take a few minutes to pause, reflect and renew.  If you don’t have a hobby, maybe now is the time to find one.  OR…. Pick up a magazine, read a book, pack a bag for an overnight trip and go…  enjoy a night out, take in a dinner or a movie.  Take a walk, swing in a swing, pack a picnic lunch or just go sit on the porch and breathe in some fresh air.

We’re very grateful for those sometimes all too brief moments, but relish the opportunities that do present themselves even if for what seems like a mere nano-second of time.  And when those moments come to an end, we are more prepared for those next hours or days of caring and giving our all for the benefit of someone else who needs us more and knows unequivocally that she brings joy to our hearts every day.