Month: February 2023

nurture the best

SEE. BE. DO!  (image credit:  Brian Crane)


Independent decisions. Making choices and following through on his decisions has been a significant support to his well-being. Whether it’s choices for meals, what to wear, when to take a bath or shower or go to bed, etc. Even making a change to what might have been a part of his regular routine may be in his best interest and safety. All done this past week with blessings from all of us as he decided to re-structure a couple of areas in his routine. He’s generally open to suggestions, however, the final decision is his as long as his safety isn’t jeopardized.


Which will you choose today? 

Sometimes, a do-over is a good thing! Moods, feelings and emotions from bad dreams are often difficult to reset. Listen and let them talk it out. Once they’re ready to move on, invite them to join you for a bit of food (that will often tip the scales on resetting the mood). In our case, a light breakfast of his choosing was enough to move forward. After eating and talking for a little longer, he wanted to go back to bed (5:30 am was a little too early for him). When he got up again at his regular time, he was fine and didn’t remember having been up earlier. He was ready for the day.

faith, light, hope

Have faith, light and hope today and every day. 


Tired is good, overtired is not good. He is in the midst of setting a new routine — regarding bedtimes. He’s pretty much settled in bed around 7:30. He’s gradually made his time earlier and earlier over the course of the last couple of months.

In doing this, his sleeping pattern has improved a bit and he’s sleeping through the night more frequently and with fewer vivid dreams. He does become a little unsettled during the late afternoon hours, but sundowning isn’t really an issue at this point in time. We’ll see if he adds time as the days grow longer and summer approaches as he stayed up later last summer.