Day: February 8, 2023

choose your focus

Choose your lens for the day and focus in!


It has been so much easier to hone into the “I need” moments recently. When he’s anxious about something, his voice becomes a little snippy and he does a “wringing of the hands” motion. We’ve prepared a basic list of things and run through those to see if he can zone into what it is he needs to take care of or needs help with. Yesterday, it was a little more exercise to clear his head. So we were able to go outside and take a walk. He enjoyed that and the “I need” moment was resolved easily and without a lot of extra angst in now being able to identify the problem he needed help with.

Some things on our list include:
I need to exercise – go outside for a walk or some fresh air
I need to check my finances
I need to make a call
I need to get something to eat
I need to rest