it’s a yes day.

What will be your inspiration today?


Old friends can certainly brighten the day He’s been so reluctant to meet up with an old friend over the course of the last several months — there’s been an excuse of one sort or another to not get together. Yesterday’s call was different and last evening at dinner, he even offered the idea of going out for lunch with his friend. Thrilled to have heard it come from him! If he follows through, it may open some additional doors for future visits and opportunities. Fingers crossed!


Celebrate the miracles!  


Each day offers many miracles… celebrate a few every day. Some days you have to look a little harder, but seek, recognize, and celebrate as many as you find each day. Don’t sit in the gloom of what hasn’t gone well. That gloom can become overwhelming for you, the caregiver, and spill over to whom you’re caring for. Celebrate a miracle or two every day this week.

R. A. K.

Make it a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) sort of day — 


Remember all of this is “new” to both of you. You’re headed into new territory and while some of the experiences you’ve had as a caregiver may be familiar, they aren’t to the person you’re providing care for and the path you’re taking now will not be exactly the same as the path you took previously. Be kind and patient with yourself and repeat the process as often as needed – especially with your elder at this time.