Leave a wide trail in both word and deed.

Encourage movement. We’ve noticed that on the days he doesn’t want to do more than sit in his chair and play with the up and down buttons, his balance is a little off and his short term memory is worse. Thankfully, the weather is improving and we’ve had a couple of very nice days where he’s been willing to spend some time outside and walk around the neighborhood. He does enjoy that and there have been days he’s set a fairly fast pace to keep up with.

complete not compete

Cheer loudly! 


We’ve had about 3 good weeks of solid sleep at night… but the cycle was interrupted by a wake-up and a “niggle.” After a bit of food, a conversation about the “niggle,” he was able to go back to sleep. I’m happy that we can resolve most things after asking a couple of questions to determine what’s wrong. Fortunately, these were easy to answer. Fingers crossed that this part of the cycle is short-lived. 🙂