Don’t let the world define who you are. Be your unique you.

Acknowledge the memories of conversations that seem so vivid that they happened moments ago, yesterday or last week. These are happening more frequently and it’s been interesting to hear about the experience that happened more than 20 years ago that he refers to so often.

see the potential

Be open to All of the possibilities.


Where is the interest heading this week? We’ve been all over the place in just 2 days with conversations about dr. visits, computers, bank accounts, walking, football, news, etc, and it’s only Tuesday! It’s nice to hear where his thoughts have been and what he would like to do and accomplish before the end of the year.

Day 29 – find the switch

Share a little “light” with a friend today. 

Once again it was a “Find something good in every day” kind of day. Things can derail quickly at times. What is going well — have them put a name to it if they can. As a caregiver you need to do the same – and vocalize it. Shifting the dynamics in the moment can put a different spin on the entire direction things were headed and where the day goes from that moment. Repeat as needed.