Celebrate the joy your discover through the day. Relish the moments.


Sometimes, it’s the littlest of things that bring the greatest joy. Watching the birds and discovering that a pair of jays are now visiting the feeder. Or a new species is visiting the feeder for the first time and you need to look in the book to see what kind it is. Sometimes, it’s sneaking a piece of a fresh peach and relishing the juiciness and flavor and watching the smile broaden on the face. It’s checking each of the containers for new blooms or whether the lettuce can be cut again. Seeing plants grow and change from day to day. Grateful for all the smiles, the conversations and pure joy in the moments yesterday.

just one

Give life a reason to be good today. 


Too hot (triple digit temps) to be outside for any length of time. One quick trip around the driveway was enough of a walk. Lots of stories about his property and the improvements he made. He did enjoy a few phone calls, though disappointed that he wasn’t able to get through to another. Seemed at peace by bedtime (no sundowning) and slept through the night.

park it

Is it time for a change?  

Sometimes you just have to “park it” before you can take another breath and move forward again. Don’t waste your energy by being in a bad mood. You have the means to “fix” it within you. Pause, inhale some good thoughts and exhale the bad ones. Repeat as needed. When you feel the shift, you’re ready to move on.


The birdfeeder is finally caught the attention of a small group of house finches. They were great entertainment for a good portion of the day. He was excited to see a male visit the feeder too.

His hip is bugging him and he wasn’t as reluctant to use the walker as he’s been the last week. We’ll see how today moves forward.

He is sundowning most evenings now.