Month: November 2017

the path

See yourself in the light of greatness… it is a great gift.


I’m really very grateful for this journey and sharing in the experiences we’re having with Mom and our extended family.  Rarely an hour goes by that we don’t have the opportunity to share a little more joy, laughter, love and more on this journey.  I’m forever thankful for family being open to change, to share the responsibility and to shine the love that Mom has in ever broadening ways.

There are ups and downs, the good days and bad… but never any regrets.

If you are on the pathway of care-giving.  I hope your light continues to shine and your pathway is cluttered with many amazing moments that will forever be remembered among the #bestdays of your life.

be the light…

Light the way for others


This pathway isn’t always clear… there aren’t always instructions for any given moment.  Sometimes, you just have to “feel your way” with your heart to light the spark for others to find theirs.  I see it daily in her smiles, small accomplishments that often are huge in her eyes.  Laughter, joy, recovering a lost memory if only for a few brief moments and the delight that brings.

I hope that as we continue our journey, these short thoughts might bring some “light” into the heart of someone else now beginning their journey or currently struggling with some aspect of living and caring for a loved one.


with deepest gratitude

Feel with your heart, express with kind words, and give with your all.


As we take these steps in tandem, we’re finding that it is so much easier to see, feel and live with gratitude each and every day.  Service is a pleasure and I’m truly grateful for each #bestday we have the pleasure to take together.  The tears, the laughter, the joy and the extreme sadness as another soul leaves this life for another.  I see her heart break a little more when she hears the name of an old friend or acquaintance passing on.  I also see her give breath and life to the knowledge that she’s not alone and grateful to be surrounded by those who love her dearly.




“Count your blessings, name them one by one…”


We find ourselves re-framing things in order to shift to a more desired outcome.  We are grateful that even Mom is picking up on that and will pause, breathe it in and then take the next steps.  We are truly blessed to be a part of this phase of her life and I know that as we go through our regular getting dressed or ready for bed routines, that she still finds joy.


See with eyes of gratitude

“See” with eyes of  gratitude the “gifts” of each day. I’ve just started the list… what will you add?  #nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #Greatitudes


We have the opportunities to make many choices each and every day in this journey of ours.  Yesterday’s choices could have taken us down a whole other road — and neither of us would have been happy about the results.  I’ve no doubt that the choice to let go of the “routine” and schedule planned for her day was the best choice ever.  She just wasn’t into it and any pushing we might try wasn’t going to get us anywhere.

Personally, I don’t ever want her to feel unloved at any point or that she was “putting us out” because she was having a difficult time making choices that we would consider easy and rather mundane.  I was with deepest love and gratitude we honored her for making some difficult decisions yesterday.  I’ve no doubt she struggled to make a few of the choices — they were hers to make in her own time frame.  It would have been so much easier to just sleep and stay in bed.  But she didn’t.

Since she’s spent most of the night awake, today, will likely be a repeat of yesterday — giving us, her caretakers, another opportunity to be eternally grateful that we can spend another day together.

With our deepest gratitude and love.  Thanks, Mom.

one step at a time

Be fearless in your next step forward with gratitude in your heart.
Make it a #bestday filled with #gratitude and #Greatitude. #GrowinGreatness


Take a few minutes to pause today and share your gratitude about what is going right in that moment.  Breathe.  Exhale.  Share those good feelings  from your heart with someone you care deeply about.  If you can’t share them, write them down in your gratitude journal to reflect upon later.

Seek the best

Seek, the good, the better, the best. Don’t settle for anything less.
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #bestday #Greatitudes


One of the things I love the most about living in a Nurtured Heart® way is that we find we are kinder, gentler, more forgiving and yet the boundaries are very clear.  Mom really doesn’t like to move any more frequently than she has to.  Getting up and down is difficult for her and her knees just don’t like to oblige at times.  Yesterday was definitely one of them.  However, we have promised her primary physician that she will “move” every couple of hours throughout her awake times.  So up it is.

Re-framing our statements to I need you to… or let’s do this together makes it so much easier and we often find a smile on her face as we acknowledge her strength and will power to make what may have seemed impossible seconds before HAPPEN in a very positive way.
As she struggles to rise from the chair, we acknowledge the strength and power in her arms and upper body… she works hard every week in PT to keep that upper strength even though she dislikes the exercises, they are helping her.  Every step forward, even the pauses as she contemplates how to move the foot, leg and even toes is met with “You’re cruising!  Look at how deliberately you’re placing your left foot in front of and to the left of your right foot.  Thanks for bringing your foot around the wheel of the walker so carefully.  You didn’t bang a single toe! ”  Acknowledgement and accomplishments rolled into one bring a smile to her face and I’ve not doubt are logged in as “I DID it.”

Even when her legs aren’t cooperating as well as we all would like and the walker becomes a wheelchair for the move, she does shuffle her feet along the way or lifts them which in turn does require more strength and concentration that we are excited to acknowledge and give lots of credit for despite her desire to just stay put in her chair for the day.

It’s not hard to see what’s going well — or to push a little more for her best, because we know it’s there.

We know that as she continues to go along her path, she will never be alone.  That’s the best we can provide for her and we are so happy to have the privilege to walk alongside.

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