See with eyes of gratitude

“See” with eyes of  gratitude the “gifts” of each day. I’ve just started the list… what will you add?  #nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #Greatitudes


We have the opportunities to make many choices each and every day in this journey of ours.  Yesterday’s choices could have taken us down a whole other road — and neither of us would have been happy about the results.  I’ve no doubt that the choice to let go of the “routine” and schedule planned for her day was the best choice ever.  She just wasn’t into it and any pushing we might try wasn’t going to get us anywhere.

Personally, I don’t ever want her to feel unloved at any point or that she was “putting us out” because she was having a difficult time making choices that we would consider easy and rather mundane.  I was with deepest love and gratitude we honored her for making some difficult decisions yesterday.  I’ve no doubt she struggled to make a few of the choices — they were hers to make in her own time frame.  It would have been so much easier to just sleep and stay in bed.  But she didn’t.

Since she’s spent most of the night awake, today, will likely be a repeat of yesterday — giving us, her caretakers, another opportunity to be eternally grateful that we can spend another day together.

With our deepest gratitude and love.  Thanks, Mom.

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