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To begin, you must take the first step.


You can often find a way around the “hurdles” of the day without realizing it. A change in what has been the routine may shift the dynamics of the day — and still have an outcome that keep things on an even keel. Add a phone call with a friend or loved one, an extra walk outside, ask for help with other tasks they may not have participated in for a while. If weather permits just sit outside for a while and listen to the sounds of nature or share a story or two. Suggest ideas for activities they might enjoy… a suggestion may open the door to opportunities that haven’t been explored before and your discussion may answer why some of the activities are of no interest.


Celebrate the joy your discover through the day. Relish the moments.


Sometimes, it’s the littlest of things that bring the greatest joy. Watching the birds and discovering that a pair of jays are now visiting the feeder. Or a new species is visiting the feeder for the first time and you need to look in the book to see what kind it is. Sometimes, it’s sneaking a piece of a fresh peach and relishing the juiciness and flavor and watching the smile broaden on the face. It’s checking each of the containers for new blooms or whether the lettuce can be cut again. Seeing plants grow and change from day to day. Grateful for all the smiles, the conversations and pure joy in the moments yesterday.

what are you looking for?

Be a seeker of the best there is.


He loved helping with the canning yesterday. He filled a full canner’s worth of bottles. He was still talking about it just before bedtime. He wants to help with the process again tomorrow. Now to find some other things for him to do since canning season will be a short one this year.

right now….

Consider ALL your choices today.


Back into a regular rhythm at the moment. Lots of stories around a bowl of popcorn last night. Fun to listen to and a few new stories added to the mix. He was happy to be able to share the memories of days gone by while serving in the military and have a couple of people willing to listen to them.

PT done for the time being — permission to use the stationary bike — but not recommended to use the stairs. Will have to bring the bike upstairs for him to use. Treadmill as well. Now to figure out where we can put them when the weather is unsuitable to walking outside.