Day 4

Use the “pause” button today to see all that is going right. 


Some days are just better than others. The phone wasn’t as big an issue as it has been the last few days. He’s figuring out that he only needs a couple of things and is allowing me to remove some apps he doesn’t need from the screens. The frustration levels have decreased significantly as he remembers steps to accomplish certain tasks. WIN!

Shadows, hallucinations, nighttime visitors – 3 nights in a row now. He spent an hour in another room during the night in hopes that when he returned to his bedroom, they would be gone, and they were. He was able to settle down for some much needed rest and sleep.

the eyes of the beholder

What will you choose to see?


The niggle is back. He has a worry and it’s pre-occupying his mind day and night. He still hasn’t been able to come to a resolution that he feels is workable. Adding to his frustration is the new phone he insisted on getting. Too many buttons, apps and such — but it’s what he wanted.