give thanks

make time to pause

Find peace in the pause today.


We used some muscles we hadn’t used in a while the other day while building that plow in the garage. He’s sore and finally admitting it! He had us both laughing pretty hard as he talked about his “sitter” being sore and his steps a little slower during our walk. He couldn’t imagine that our “hard work” was causing so much discomfort especially since it was only 5 minutes of kneeling and such…. HAHA! It was more like 90 minutes! At any rate, to see the twinkle in his eye, hear him chuckle about his “sitter” and watch him be a little more careful in his walk, made the day a little brighter.

Do it one day at a time.


We found something he enjoys doing…. YIPPEE! Now to find a bunch of different bolts, nuts and washers he can sort again and put into the toolbox. It was interesting to watch him line things up according to size for a project we were building in the garage yesterday. He spent more than an hour sorting and lining things up… moving them around and doing it all over again or handing the bolt and nut to me so I could use it when needed. He tried to read the instructions, but said it was the worst manual he had ever seen — let alone the printing so small it was nearly unreadable.

It was a good and productive afternoon on several levels!


Every day is a gift….  


It’s been a very challenging week. Mixed up memories – lots of “how can that be” moments. His yesterday was over 50 years ago. His last retirement was just moments ago and then, he raises the questions, asks for the current date.. can’t fathom the passage of time or the loss of friends and family when he can’t call and talk to them. He tells me often of visits and conversations he’s had with one or more family members who have passed away 15 or more years ago and how real they are. During more lucid moments, he knows things are mixed up and he recognizes that his memories are muddied up a bit.

The gift for this week is that he is still finding some good in every day — recognizing the blessings of having such an incredible life, a family that loves him and many wonderful and fulfilling memories that are still a part of his memory banks and a wonderful posterity to leave them with.