Day: August 26, 2022


Don’t get stuck… try something new today.


Positives for the day: Making super progress with the PT. Sounds like they’ll be releasing him in 3 weeks. No word yet on his being able to navigate stairs yet. We’ll be discussing that with the PT that is coming today. He enjoys watering the container garden. AND watching the birds come to the feeder and I was able to finally “catch” a pic of the Jay that’s found the feeder. He’s hoping to get up early enough on a morning that the Jay comes to feed. He’s eating well, has a sense of humor and has been willing to take walks nearly every day outside.

Hallucinations overnight. Grateful he’s had a couple of weeks reprieve from them. Lights are now on as he believes that will keep the visitors away. He didn’t seem as upset as he has been on previous nights, thankfully. No yelling at them other than a relatively quiet, “go away” before turning on the bedroom light. A night light doesn’t provide enough illumination for him to feel comfortable.