What awesomeness will you discover today?

There’s always something good to find in the day. Despite the near sleepless nights, the longer days and having to be more flexible with some routines; the adjustment is going pretty smoothly for all of us.
Last night was a difficult night — not much sleep. But thankfully, no night terrors or “escape” attempts because he wasn’t sure of where he was.

We heard lots of stories from days gone by over the long weekend. Stories that took place all over the US and a few foreign countries — with lots of family stories interspersed here and there.

He asked questions. Got some of the answers he needed to satisfy his curiosity. Took a couple of longer walks. He also snuck in an “unauthorized” walk without the walker over the weekend. Thankfully, no falls.

Still working on finding the balance for a few things caregiver wise.

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