Day: June 12, 2022

today’s gifts

Look for the “gifts” in everyday moments.

ElderCare Part II:

New Beginnings in another journey with Dementia/Alzheimers —

Day 3: Settling in a little more. Last night was much better and T’s dad seems much more at ease.

Intake done by the Home Health group yesterday morning. Nurse returning today to give one of the two remaining shots on the prescription list (and that’s another story altogether). We have a few additional questions to have answered as well. This journey is definitely a bit different. His dementia isn’t quite as far along as Mom’s was when we came into the picture. He is verbal and while there are times he has to reach deeper for words, he can for the most part let us know what he wants. Choices and a bit of control over some things are still very important to him and especially some of the “why” he has to do things at a certain time or in a certain way — medications are a big one for him. So far, the answers we have been sharing are sufficient.

One of dad’s requests yesterday was for a shave and haircut. Mission accomplished. We weren’t sure whether he would ask for a full shave or just a trim of the beard. He came home clean shaven and was very happy. We’ll have to purchase a shaving kit for him this week. He’s never used an electric razor and one of us will be giving him a shave on a regular basis. He told us he prefers shaving cream and a razor. Hmmm….

The calendar for the week is beginning to fill up with follow -up appointments (grateful for video calls with physicians) and an intake for PT and possible OT needs to be done here at the house.