today’s intentions lead us to our tomorrows

The thoughts and intentions we have today
will lead us to our tomorrow…

Being flexible at all different levels has ultimately become this week’s intention — going with the flow so to speak.

Yesterday was one of those days we needed to pull out something else from “bag” and shift the energy around a bit.  We have learned that listening to music will change her energy and make a difference, so that’s exactly what we did.  Within a few minutes she had selected 2 DVDs and was tapping her toes and trying to sing along to most of the songs in the Music Man (an all time favorite and never grows old) and even surprised us with a bit of voice to a song from Annie!  There was even a lightness in her step as we took a walk around the house after it finished.

From my perspective, if our intentions are to provide “best care,” then we need to be prepared to be “in tune” and shift our own energies and intentions for more #bestday choices when those in our care aren’t sure how to go about it.  Here’s to today!  It’ll be a Great one!


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