Day: October 16, 2017


When you learn to appreciate the core of who you are,
you will see the whole “package” …


with an amazing and beautiful perspective of the real you.
#Alzheimers #bestday #family

I’ve seen Mom cringe more than a few times she looks at herself in the mirror over the past couple of years.  She hasn’t been happy with what she was seeing reflected back at her.  BUT….that’s not the woman I see.  I see her beauty from the inside out.  She’s still ‘Mom, Grandma, and Grandma-Great” and always will be to her extended family.  White and silver hair, a few wrinkles, don’t define her … She has an amazing story to tell and there are still a few stories in her eyes as we look through old photo books and she shares bits and pieces of the memories that come flowing out.
Yesterday, we had our monthly family gathering — a few of her grandchildren and great-grands joined us.  It was an amazing afternoon and evening.  There was laughter, tears, joy and so much more.  We had a beautiful time as the great-grands picked their pumpkins from our “patch” and delighted as they opened a small bag of goodies at the end of the evening.  Mom was just as excited for them as they were!

Mom’s demeanor was light, filled with smiles and joy  and even a twinge of sadness as they all gathered their jackets, put on their shoes and headed back to their own homes as bedtimes grew closer — then, as we initiated her bedtime routine last evening, she paused at the mirror and said, “Not bad!”

Mission accomplished for the day!