Day: October 21, 2017

embrace the good

Embrace the good that is in every heart.
#nurturedheart #GrowinGreatness #Greatitudes


Embrace the moment — That’s been our mantra the last couple of days. We’re both a bit under the weather and definitely not feeling our best.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for Mom when she can’t find the words to pinpoint the problem so we can provide the correct support.  Her frustration is visible as she shrugs her shoulders as we try to pinpoint the current feeling of unwellness…

Deep breaths for both of us and  patience blooms again as we take one more long, deep breath… exhaling and start new.

Together, we’re resetting back to greatness and not getting stuck in the muck when it would really be so much easier to let the funk continue to take us for a longer ride.  Embracing our greatness together brings a release and the ability to begin again.

Here’s to a fresh start — right now.  Not in 5 or 10, but in this moment and most importantly, with LOVE.