Day: May 8, 2023


As you reflect on the small and simple things in your day, enjoy the pleasant memories that come to life for you again. 


Confusion and “missing pieces” are becoming a larger issue if yesterday’s repeated conversations are any indication of what is to come. Mom had already gone through this stage when we became her caregivers, so this is new territory for us with Dad. There are some memories that are jumbled up and he’s not able to connect the dots at this point and it’s both frustrating and confusing for him. After a short pause … and a short nap, we spent another couple of hours trying to pull some good memories from his long term memory bank and it was so nice to see the smiles and hear the joy in his voice as he shared a few childhood stories with me later last evening.

We have an appointment this morning with his PCP. It’s an annual check up and I’m sure that the dementia will be part of the discussion as it was part of the concerns listed for this appointment when completing the registration notes on Friday.