with gratitude

Tell someone “thank you,” today.


He’s excited about the prospects of a large vegetable garden and is looking forward to watching things grow and harvesting fresh veggies and some fruits throughout the summer and maybe into the fall months. He’s antsy and wants to go get things going now — but the snow is still covering the ground and the area we’ve picked out to expand the garden needs to thaw another foot down and have lots of TLC before anything can go into the ground. It was fun to see his enthusiasm for a project he has lots of say in. The list for seeds and starts is long! Hoping there will be room for everything he wants to plant! There are plans to pick up some additional seeds this coming weekend — and made plans to pick up the starts from the garden center later this month or early next month. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates and the ground thaws and we can get the prep work done – for a successful growing season that will keep him busy and happy!

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