Month: October 2017

Radiate Positivity

Radiate some positive today —
your heart will feel better at the end of the day.


Despite the pitfalls on any given day, how you choose to meet them makes a difference in the energy you share with others.  I’ve noticed that Mom is particularly sensitive to my energy.

Yesterday was a particularly frustrating day when it came to completing a few tasks — nothing was going right. I definitely needed to reset. Shrugging off my frustration and leaving it at the door – with a ceremonious wiping of the feet on the doormat changed the flow of energy from negative to positive in just a few brief seconds. There was a notable shift — as we started over with a brand new moment and an energetic shift to the positive again. .

Be sensitive to the energy you share and make it a #bestday for all by sharing a positive attitude.

from small things

From small and tender acts
come mighty testaments
of your strengths and character.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring the greatest rewards.  Heart to heart.  Acknowledging the frustrations; declaring the characteristics that demonstrate strength, persistence, willingness to keep trying, determination to complete the task at hand and so much more.  The smile at the end makes it all so very worthwhile.

it’s all about the magic

Find the magic in your day!


We’ve experienced one of those very long nights — filled with conversations, visitors and the urge to answer the door. There are moments  that hold a magic that can’t be shared… there were several last night I was privy to and will hold them dear.

As dawn approaches, I feel blessed to be a part of this, despite my own personal weariness and to share her excitement at what lies beyond the “closed” door she want’s to open.

Here’s to the awesomeness today holds for us as the sun’s light begins to rise above the peaks of the mountains.  #bestday


Today is your day to go from “limits” to “limitless!”


There are days that we don’t expect much — yesterday started out as one of those days…. just an off sort of start –  but for whatever reason, ended up on a whole other level.  Lucidity, decision making, empowerment… it was all there.  Lesson learned:  Don’t close the door to the possibilities that today could be the #bestday yet!  Yesterday certainly was and today could be too!

Just Sit….

To be your best…


As “caregivers” we all need to remember self-care.  Even 10 minutes a day is better than none.

We often get caught up in the day to day business of caring, providing, connecting, mundane tasks and chores, and more — forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves in a most kind and loving way — the same way we care for others.

This isn’t selfish — your cup needs refilling too. Running on empty isn’t good for anyone.

Set aside 10 minutes today — take the opportunity to breathe, refill, regenerate, BE!  You’ll feel better and so will those you are caring for.

Thanks, dear family and friends for the gentle reminders — I’m grateful for your caring and love that keeps me in a good place.


Seek the beauty that is almost always right in front of us.


Enjoy a #bestday. Hope you’re left breathless today. (image credit: Jessica Duke)

Every day offers us many opportunities and even despite the craziness of the day,  you engaged in conversation — to share what was on your mind in a beautiful way — even when many of the words you wanted to say couldn’t be found.  We talked about the changing color in the leaves and Fall and shared a few memories of days long gone.

The smiles said it all.  We were both “breathless” as we remembered with great fondness.


big feelings…


It’s okay to have big feelings… we deal with them
makes a big difference in the outcome.

It’s been a while since we’ve experienced a major anxiety attack.  I’m very grateful.  For in those moments, it’s very apparent that the “trigger” brings some strong feelings/emotions to the surface that aren’t usually seen during our “regular” days.

Yesterday, we saw Mom struggle with some pretty strong emotions for a brief spell.  When this happens, she experiences tremors and these were strong.

We’ve been working on how to handle those moments of  overwhelm.  Before I had time to react, I saw her stop in her footsteps; she took a deep breath, slowly exhaled and repeated the process two more times.  The Parkinson-like tremors she had been experiencing were gone.  I observed the smile that spread across her face as she recognized she had made it through with amazing success!

For many, this would be an easy process.  This is a relatively new practice for her — but she’s learning it and it’s taken hold.  I’m in awe!  She’s pretty dang AWESOME!  Major anxiety attack averted.

Make today your #bestday


…while not all turns along the way may bring a pleasant end to the day, for me, it’s important to reflect, give thanks and take what did go well; making the most of those moments and relish the sweetness of that part of the journey.

Every day can be a #bestday — despite the “routine-ness.”  I’m grateful for each and every moment of lucidness, of chance smiles as a memory passes by or the joy in hearing something that resonates deeply and causes a start or sparks an all too brief conversation.

Look for the good, the great and the awesomeness today!  Make today a #BestDay in your journey.