Gifts from the heart

“Aim high and consider yourself capable of great things. Lend your talents to the world to make it better.” –Van Cliburn

We have all been blessed with great gifts and talents — many of them lay dormant or idle as we pursue other things in our lives due to priorities or commitments we choose to “survive” these days.

What are those talents or gifts you’ve once had a passion for?  Could they be in the realm of music, painting, cooking, sewing, needle arts, listening, humor, reading, compassion, writing, carpentry, creativity, or any other pursuit you may think of …. Is it time to develop one or more of them again? Create an hour or more a week and enjoy watching the colors flow again as you dip your paintbrush in the medium and then on the canvas.  As with anything that is important enough — we find the time… so make it happen!  Develop those gifts — March is National Craft Month here in the U.S.  Celebrate your gifts (of greatness) and talents this month — then do the next best thing — SHARE IT with someone you love!

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