be courageous, stand in your greatness

“It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been
before… to test your limits… to break through barriers.”  Anais

Whether it’s a new goal or something just happening in life that requires you to step beyond the so called “comfort zone,”  your fearlessness is being tested to the limits on a daily basis.  Are you reaching the boundaries or beyond?

There are a myriad of self-help books on the market and motivational seminars we can attend or buy to watch or listen to.  All tell us they can make us “better,”  give us more skills in the  market place or help us with our relationships at the workplace or interpersonal relationships.

Standing in your greatness isn’t always easy. However, since I’ve learned the Greatness Practice that Howard Glasser talks about in his book, You Are Oprah, Igniting the Fires of Greatness (2009);the practice is becoming much easier – it’s definitely worth the “greatness boost” every now and then – you can’t help it!

Set your intention today.  Where are you headed?  Are you self-limiting?  Are you breaking the limits with greatness choices?   Is the journey one of Greatness?

Today, be courageous!  Set your intention and find the gems of greatness that are yours.  It’s a new day – Be Fearless!

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