Be Present


“… To me every hour of night and day is a a miracle, Every
cubic inch of space a miracle.”  Walt Whitman

There was a time when I overlooked those first breaths of the day or even opening my eyes.  But not any more.  What a blessing and a miracle each of those are in my life.  I am truly blessed to be present every day to honor those again and again and be thankful that I can witness them another day.  While this may seem a bit trite to some — how often do we marvel at the beauty of a sunset or rainbow? Do we think we’ll never see one again?  Have we witnessed the colors of a rainbow over and over and yet, thanked the heavens for the beauty and run for a camera in hopes we’ll capture it knowing that we’ll never ever see that exact formation or those colors in just that way again, even if we stood in the same place again at the same time on the same day a year  from now.

Now is your moment. Be present for the miracles that are all around you today.

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