Seeing is the gift

“When we see with our hearts, every moment is the most wonderful gift in the world.”

As humans, we’re primed to looked for the negative.  We see it every day — in the news, splashed on every headline, tweeted, texted and blasted in every energetic way possible.  Movies, games, books and other media focus in on the negative things happening in our world.  Eventually, that energy may effect the way we look at things.  We hear it at the office, our kids hear it in the classroom, on the playground, at play dates, and all too often, at home.

We often get so wrapped up in the negative energy surrounding an event, we “miss” the joy in all the other things that are going right in that very same moment.  And if you stopped to look, you could and would most likely be able to overshadow the negative event in let’s say, 10x the number of events going right in that very moment — rules or molecules of success.  The “joy” is what you choose to celebrate with your energy and relationship.  Choose and see the gifts of  relationship and energy with your heart today.

Celebrate now, there won’t be another moment just like it again. You can’t help but feel the flow of positive energy when you choose to live in your heart.


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