ever changing

Make today your best day ever…
look for greatness at every turn.


It’s never “safe to assume” that everything will go as planned anymore.   — while we do try to keep to a pretty established routine, there are days that just don’t stick with the “norm.”

We’re definitely becoming more spur of the moment… and reveling in the fact that this moment, “right now” is a good one, so let’s take advantage of it! Whether it’s noting the twinkle in her eye as she rediscovers something as if it’s brand new or the smile that lights up her face as we bring her lunch or dinner or listen to music or watch a movie for the hundredth time — Finding the greatness through the ever evolving change… and more importantly, reveling in the joy that Alzheimer’s hasn’t won yet.  The highlight this week: she called me by name.  My heart melted.

hang on and enjoy the “ride.”

 We all have those days, so…. Enjoy the delight (and smiles) your new swing can bring!


Some days just aren’t easy.  Alzheimer’s brings lots of challenges for the whole family.  Looking for what is going right sure helps you get through those tough spots.  Hoping your “swing” today brings some delight and smiles your way!  Make it a #bestday sort of weekend!

seek the beauty

There’s beauty everywhere —


The evening skies the last few days have been filled with amazing colors!  There are nights I wish I had a clear view of the full sunset, and last night was one of them.  However, we live in an area that makes it nearly impossible to see unless we take the time to walk or get in the car and ride for a little bit to get a clearer view.

I have discovered that sharing these brief glimpses of the color-filled skies with Mom brings her joy and delight, even if we only get a partial glimpse at the beauty each evening holds for us.

We’re making it a daily habit to share a few images of the skies with her, knowing that she sees the amazing colors and possibilities each day holds.  Every sunrise is a miracle as our eyes open and behold just as each sunset holds promise that that tomorrow will bring more beauty our way.

push through

Push through… the end results will definitely be worth it.


Pushing through doesn’t always mean you’ll break through…however, if you choose to look at each “push through” as an accomplishment for the better, you’ll see more and more along your path.

Looking for the good isn’t Pollyanna-ish.  It does open our eyes, minds and most importantly our hearts.  Our journey may continue to have those rocky moments, however, with continued practice, we can certainly glean some knowledge that we can share with others come after us — or more importantly, share the highlights with those we are caring for in the moment.

Reflecting back what is going well and possibly lighten the heavy weights they are feeling with their confusion and frustration at not being able to accomplish, speak or share the depth of what they are experiencing.
“I see you are….”
“Thank you for being a part of our family, it’s so wonderful to spend a little one on one time with you.”
“I’m so happy to see that smile light up your being today.”
“I love having you help me fold the towels, or rinse the dishes.”

Even when the hour is late or the hour is early, look for that glimmer and push through until you meet it.  The journey is worth it.