Karen Salmonsohan

You have it!

Karen SalmonsohanNot too long ago I was asked to share a message with some women in our church.  I generally incorporate a message about “Nurturing”  if the message has anything to do with families as this lesson did – and I often get the same response to a question when posed about how they feel about themselves.  Dead silence or the meek answer of “… many have low self-esteem.”  But no one shares the word “I” taking ownership of their own feelings – until we get deeper into the message and I share a story with them of my own from long ago.  It is then that their hearts become open — they begin to accept the message of who they are in a new and open way.  It is then that they  listen with new ears and they sit a little taller in their chairs. They begin to recognize once again WHO they are and just how precious and choice they are and accept some of their greatness again into their hearts.  You are a miracle!  You are a Gift!  Believe it!

Too often we neglect that side of ourselves.  We’ve forgotten how to accept a compliment without making an excuse for some vulnerability or shortcoming.  Today is your day to break free!  Honor the divine beauty that dwells within you.  That greatness and all the gifts you have to share.  Let them shine and glow.

My friend, Laurie, has written an excellent blog post again — I’d like to share it with you.  So stop by her blog again today and read it!  Greatness is glowing over there 100%!  Are you ready?  I hope you are.

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