Nine words

“Never forget the 9 most important words in a family:

“I love you.”

You are beautiful.”

“I am sorry”.  H Jackson Brown Jr.

These are important keys to creating and solidifying relationships.  Our large family is spread across several states and time zones.  Our schedules don’t often jive and it’s hard to get together even for a phone call.  I treasure those times when we do join for a family dinner in a home or at a restaurant, gather around a phone for a few minutes to “catch up” on the news – or even better with technology being what it is, using Skype® to conference with the kids, the folks, brothers and sisters.

While texting seems to be a great way to get messages back and forth — it seems to lose something. I really do like some “face” time and seeing who I am talking to and seeing how the grand-kids are growing and changing from week to week or month to month.  We really do need to visit more frequently — HINT HINT!

And one more thing, I still treasure, is the old fashioned card or letter — although I don’t write many, I still enjoy sending a beautiful card and letter filled with a handwritten sentiment – and I hope the recipient enjoys the same.

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