January – new starts

2021 has rolled in and thankfully, uneventfully as far as Mom is concerned. She’s doing very well and is still hanging in there and seems content with the “status quo” for the time being.

We’re still practicing social distancing and infrequent visits from family and friends. It’s difficult when you have a large family and gatherings are just not feasible… sure hoping that things will shift a bit and we’ll be able to gather together sooner rather than later. And we’re grateful that thus far, COVID hasn’t passed through the door.

We thought that we would have to implement more care by this time into our term of supporting Mom, but we’re grateful that she’s still able to converse with us, feed herself and make some of the more simple choices about her day. She’s broadened her eating choices and we’re back to a near full menu of choices again. She shares her thoughts with us on occasion, but getting her to dance has become a very rare occurrence… She will still tap her toes and snap her fingers to the rhythm of the music that is playing. Her smile is broad and there’s a twinkle in her eye throughout the day and the customary “thank you” rings out as we close out the evening and tuck her into bed.

Favorite things this month –
Andre Reiu
Musicals on DVD
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Pecan Sandies
Diet Coke
Red PowerAde
Lunch in bed (more days than not)
Late night TV watching – thankfully there is a sleep timer!)
Fresh flowers
Zoom calls with family
Snail mail

We’re hoping for a great rest of the month… wishing the same for you too.

Everyday offers a fresh start and new beginnings. Take advantage of what the day holds for you.

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